Florida Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Template

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The Florida Roommate Rental Agreement is a valuable document which may be used between two or more individuals who have agreed to share the expenses (including rent) of one place of residence. It may be considered a wise precaution for these parties to put their agreement in writing to avoid any future disagreements due to the specifics being forgotten. Additionally, it is important both are fully aware of their responsibilities to one another. Both of these goals may be easily accomplished by documenting the agreement itself in a clear and all-inclusive manner. This particular contract will seek to achieve these objectives while remaining in compliance with Florida State law. It is important to note, however, that such an agreement does not apply to the landlord. A lease agreement with a landlord is just that and will require the signature of that party along with the tenant who may hold the landlord responsible for his or her role as such.

This specific document, however, will hold the roommates signing it responsible to one another under its conditions. This will be considered binding upon signing and shall remain so until the contract’s expiration date (which will be defined by the user). It is generally considered wise to have any agreement that will have a powerful impact on one’s life documented clearly and bound with a signature.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first paragraph will require the names of all roommates to be entered. If guarantors will be involved and necessary, enter their names in the spaces after “parental guarantors.”

Step 2 – The next paragraph will require the street address, city, and county entered. This will be followed with the name of the property owner/landlord (the landlord entity who the lease-holding tenant has an agreement with).

Step 3 – The third paragraph, under the heading “Length of Agreement,” will require the start date of the contract and the termination date of the contract.

Step 4 – The “Security Deposit” section requires the total amount of security the landlord must possess for the main lease. Following this each tenant’s share of the security must be entered.

Step 5 – The “Rent” section will require the total rent amount the landlord must receive for the premises by the end of this agreement. Following this must be the individual amount each roommate must pay during each month. The next line will require the monthly amount due to the landlord and the calendar day it is due.

Step 6 – Logically speaking, sharing a domicile with a group of people will require that additional responsibility to the rent be met. This will be detailed in the section titled, “Supplemental Agreements.” Read each section and make sure to define and report any agreements made between roommates not previously mentioned. Predefined subjects will be: Rent and responsibility for payments, Food/Shopping Arrangements, Security Deposits, Utilities, Cleaning, Pets, Privacy, Sharing of Personal Items, Noise/Study Time, Smoking/Drinking/Drugs, Parties and Entertaining, Overnight Guests, and Additional Remarks.

Step 7 – The next line requiring attention must have the City and County the property is on entered.

Step 8 – Next to “The parties have executed this Agreement on,” enter the date of the agreement.

Step 9 – The signature section will require the signature and printed name of each co-tenant (roommate) and the party witnessing an individual co-tenant’s signature.