Colorado Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Template

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The Colorado Roommate Agreement Template is a signed document between individuals sharing living expenses with others occupying the same premises. The purpose of this document is to provide both clarification and assurance to the signing roommates that each one understands and agrees to the specifics of their arrangements.

This is meant to protect everyone’s rights in a living situation and exists only between the roommates signing the agreement. A landlord holding the main lease with one or more of the roommates is not obligated by a roommate agreement. Landlords are only responsible as landlords to the people they have signed a lease contract with.  Obviously, it is in every roommate’s best interest to be a party on the lease with a landlord however regardless of whether this is possible, it is highly recommended to have a written agreement with any co-tenants or roommates on the premises.

Roommates entering this sort of agreement should be aware that once it is signed, it becomes a contract. This means that anyone signing (not just the main tenant holding the Landlord lease) may hold everyone else that has signed the contract responsible to its terms. Thus, it is imperative that all terms have been negotiated for everyone’s benefit.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the date of the agreement on the first line then the names of all the roommates participating in it in the spaces below this.

Step 2 – The next paragraph will require the date of the roommate agreement, the address of the premises all the roommates will all be sharing and the specific date range the agreement will be in effect.

Step 3 – Since the parties, address, and date ranges for the agreement have been defined, it is time to define the conditions and obligations of those participating in it. This will be organized by item some will need to be read while others will need information to be entered. The first item to require information will be Item 2. Enter the fraction amount of expenses each roommate agrees to pay then check all the applicable boxes they will be responsible for paying into. There will be an “Other” box and a blank line for any expense not previously listed.  The second paragraph will require the fraction amount of expenses a roommate is responsible for re-entered.

Step 4 – Item 4 will deal with the security deposit amount that landlords typically require to safeguard their property. First, enter the total deposit amount that has been delivered to the landlord as well as the name of the landlord or agent who has received it. Then re-enter the total deposit amount followed the portion amount each roommate will be responsible for. Specific details of how this money should be returned if a roommate moves out successfully. Finally, in a situation where one roommate sublets his or her room any exchange with the security deposit should be documented in the final spaces of this paragraph.

Step 5 – The next item requiring attention will limit how much a repair or improvement that a roommate is responsible for may cost before advanced approval is required. Enter the maximum dollar amount that does not require advanced approval from a roommate

Step 6 – If any additional conditions or negotiations have been agreed to, they must be entered in Item 8.

Step 7 – In order for the agreement to be valid it must be signed by all the participating roommates. Enter the date of the agreement. Below this, each tenant may sign and print his or her name then enter the date of the signature.