Colorado SubLease Agreement Template

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The Colorado Sub-Lease Agreement Template acts as an agreement where the landlord also fulfills the role of the tenant on a separate master lease agreement. The landlord in a sublease agreement is considered a sub-lessor. He or she will reap the benefits of receiving payment for allowing an individual to maintain a residence on a property the sub-lessor is residing in. Of course, this comes with the responsibility of a landlord as well.

The sub-lessor will be responsible for fulfilling the Warranty of Habitability Act for instance. Furthermore, the sub-lessor will need to fulfill the role of the tenant in the lease he or she holds with owner/agent of the property itself. That is, the sub-lessor would be responsible for paying the rent as agreed and for any of the property damage outside of wear and tear (this should be specifically defined in the main lease). For instance, if a sub-lessee causes a significant amount of damage to a unit but refuses to pay, the sub-lessor would have to pay the owner for the damages then, pursue the sub-lessee separately.

The Sub-lessees also take a risk in that they do not have a true contract with the owner of the property, just the sub-lessor. In the event that agreement terminates or the sub-lessor is evicted, they no longer have a legal claim to that rental unit. That would be up to the property owner.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that both parties entering a sub-lessor/sub-lessee relationship represent their ability to maintain the sub-lease being signed as well as themselves accurately. A wise precaution would be to obtain consent to run a background and credit check on each signing party.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the name of the Sub-Lessor on the first line. This is the person who holds a lease with the landlord or owner of the premises and will be renting it out to a third party.

Step 2 – Enter the name of the Sub-Lessee on the second line. This is the name of the person who will be renting the property from someone who is a tenant there.

Step 3 – Enter the street address of the property being rented. This will be followed by a blank space for the city where the property is located and the county. These must be presented in the third item.

Step 4 – Enter the amount of time the sublease will be in effect for. Then enter the monthly rent amount due, the calendar date it is due each month, the name of the person receiving the rent payment, and the address where the rent should be delivered to.

Step 5 – The next item requiring attention is item 8. Here, enter the security deposit amount the sub-lessor requires from the sub-lessee.

Step 6 – In item 12, under the word “Other,” enter any other arrangements, conditions, or obligations either or both parties have agreed to that have not been previously mentioned in this document. Be very specific in the language being used.

Step 7 – In Item 18 it will be time to provide each party’s verification that he or she has read the agreement, understands their responsibilities, and will uphold them to reap the benefits of entering the contract. First enter the date of the signatures, then both the Sub-lessor and Sub-lessee should sign and print their names. There will be an area below this for the Landlord to sign and print his/her name in acknowledgment of the Sub-Lease agreement between both parties.