Colorado Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Colorado sublease agreement binds the terms of an arrangement in which the property’s current tenant and landlord allow for a sub-lessee to reside in the living quarters for a designated amount of time. Once the document is executed, the sub-lessee will act as a tenant of the property, paying rent and inhabiting the space accordingly. The main, original lease will maintain in effect and dictate the terms of the tenancy; this new sublease will simply serve as proof of consent by all parties to allow for the additional tenant. Depending on the contract, the current tenant may be liable for unpaid rent or damages caused by the sub-lessee. It is recommended the sub-lessors — in this case, the original tenant and landlord — run a background check on the potential sub-lessee in order to obtain credit reports, any criminal history, and prior evictions.

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