Maryland Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Form

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The Maryland Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Form allows those entering a roommate situation the ability to have a s contract between each other. The fact this is an agreement between roommates should not be understated. This contract is specifically between these individuals and not the landlord/property owner of the premises being rented. The rental arrangement to obtain control of the property that exists between the landlord/property owner and principal tenant is a separate agreement altogether.

This being said, the benefits of this type of contract exists in its ability to hold roommates singing it accountable to the living/leasing arrangement they wished to enter as it existed  at the time of agreement in its original form. This means, in the event where it no longer serves the purposes of one party, it cannot simply be changed at will. It is up to each member of this household who has signed this document to uphold his/her obligations and responsibilities regardless of most of the circumstances or life events that occur during the period of time the lease has named itself to be active. Therefore, this may be useful in avoiding needless confusion or conflict with members of a household as time goes by. In some cases, having a written roommate agreement may even prevent the loss of otherwise valuable personal relationships.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first paragraph will define several crucial aspects of the agreement. Here we will define the parties, time periods involved, and the rent involved. This will be done by entering the following information on the blank lines provided in this order:

  • The name of the Tenant
  • The name of the Landlord,
  • The name of the County where the premises is located
  • The number of months that shall constitute the length of time it shall be binding upon all signature parties
  • The starting date (entered as Calendar Day, Month, Year) of the agreement
  • The ending date (entered as Calendar Day, Month, Year) of the agreement
  • The total rent amount (written out) that will be received by the end of this contract
  • The total rent amount (entered numerically) received by the end of this contract
  • The monthly rent amount the tenant must pay (written out)
  • The monthly rent amount (entered numerically), the name of the landlord/agent receiving The rent from the tenant,
  • The location of where the rent should be brought.

Step 2 – The second paragraph labeled as “Additional Charges” contains one blank line. Enter the calendar day of the month the rent must be paid by.

Step 3 – The next paragraph requiring attention is under the heading “Security Deposit” The first blank line must have the security amount the landlord requires of the tenant written out. The next blank line will need this numerical dollar amount entered.

Step 4 – Item 5, located under “Acceptance of Property,” seeks to define who may legally maintain a residence as a result of this lease. Enter the maximum number of people allowed to occupy the rental then write out the names of all individuals allowed to live in the premises being leased.

Step 5 – The “Utilities” paragraph concerns itself with the utility bills that often accompany a residence. In the first blank line enter the condition of payment (such as a fraction amount or flat rate fee). Then place a check mark all the utility and services expenses that will apply. There will be a box marked “Other” with a blank line. This may be where any applicable expense the tenant is responsible for but not mentioned may be defined (Note: if filling in this expense make sure to check mark the box next to “Other”).

Step 6 – There may be some rules, conditions, etc. that have been agreed to by all parties but not mentioned in this lease yet. If this is the case Enter them in the “Additional Provisions” section.

Step 7 – The “Addendum” section will document if an addendum is attached or not. If so, mark the space next to “Yes” and enter the number of pages  of the attached addendum in the blank space at the end of the line. If not, place a mark in the space next to the word “No.”

Step 8 – The end of this document will require all the Tenants involved to sign their names and date their signatures on the left. On the right, all the Landlords involved must also sign their names and provide a signature date. If an Agent is involved he/she should sign this document then date his/her signature.