Maryland SubLease Agreement Template

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The Maryland Sublease Agreement Template is the contract form used when one wishes to rent a property he/she are leasing from a property manager or property owner. This of course does not free the sub-lessor from his or her responsibilities to the original lease signed. For instance, if the sub-tenant cannot pay their rent, the sub-lessor would still be responsible to pay the rental amount they agreed to pay to the landlord/property owner in a timely fashion. Having a written agreement will aid in preventing such events, especially since rental agreements such as this one would call for clearly defined penalties. This contract form will seek to cover such areas as well as the basic necessities for such an agreement. It should be noted that no sublease in the state of Maryland may extend past the master lease in any facet. That is, it cannot have a termination date past the master list nor may it provide amenities or benefits to the property the master lease does not. This may limit the scope of the sub-lease but does not detract from its power in a court if it is necessary to call for it to be enforceable.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first paragraph, enter the name and address of the Sub-Lessee on the first two blank spaces, then the name and address of the Sub-Lessor on the last two blank spaces.

Step 2 – In the second paragraph, enter the street address of the leased property on the first blank line and the city where it is located on the second blank line.

Step 3 – In the “Term” item, indicate what type of Sublease this is. If this is a sublease with a definitive time period, check the first box then enter the start date and the end date of the agreement. If this is a Month-to-Month or Week-to-Week then check the second or third box (respectively), enter the start date in the space provided and the number of days’ notice necessary to terminate the agreement.

Step 4 – In the second item, list all the utilities and services the Sub-Lessee shall maintain on the property while the lease is in effect.

Step 5 – In Item IV, enter the security deposit amount (written out and then entered numerically in the appropriate spaces. Then in the second paragraph of this section enter the number of days a Sub-Lessee should expect an explanation for any missing portions of the security deposit not being sent after the move out.

Step 6 – In the paragraph labeled as “Other,” write out any additional terms, conditions, or agreements these two parties have that have not been mentioned but both want as part of this contract.

Step 7 – In Item XIII near the end of the document, select the first box if the sublease is not binding without landlord consent or the second box if the lease is binding regardless of whether landlord consent is obtained.

Step 8 – In the “Date & Signature” section, enter the calendar day, month, and year of the agreement. Then the Sub-lessor and Sub-lessee must both sign and print their names. Any witnesses present for these signatures should do the same in the space provided. If parent or guardian consent is needed there will be an area for this party’s signature and name below this. Finally, the landlord may give consent by signing and printing his/her name.

Step 9 – The last area needing attention is below all the signatures. Here both Sub-Lessee and Sub-Lessor should indicate if the original lease has been attached and/or if an inventory check list has been attached. If so, then both parties must initial these lines.