Maryland Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Maryland sublease agreement is a contract utilized by a tenant looking to sublet a property currently being leased from a property owner/manager. In such an arrangement, the active tenant (sub-lessor) brings in an additional sub-tenant (sub-lessee), and both parties enter a sublease that is separate from the master lease between the sub-lessor and the property owner. Enacting a sublease does not relinquish the sub-lessor from their responsibilities to the original lease. For instance, if the sub-lessor fails to pay rent, they would still be obligated to pay the total rental amount owed in a timely fashion or face penalties. It should be noted that no sublease in the State of Maryland may extend past the master lease in any facet. Therefore, the sublease must have a termination date prior to the master one. Furthermore, no sublease shall provide any amenities or benefits to the property the master lease inherently prevents. This may limit the scope of the sublease contract but does not detract from its power in a court if it is necessary to call for it to be enforced.

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