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Maryland Rental Application Form

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Maryland Rental Application Form

Updated April 14, 2023

A Maryland rental application allows a landlord to verify and screen a potential tenant prior to signing a lease. This process will require prospective candidates to divulge quite a bit of sensitive information about themselves. Additionally, there will be a verification and consent line the candidate must sign. A landlord or property manager’s top priority is to find a reliable tenant who will pay his/her rent on time, return the property in the condition it was leased in, and obey the laws and rules of the premises.


  • Application Fee – There is no maximum limit. The landlord must return any unspent application fees in excess of twenty-five dollars ($25) within fifteen (15) days of their receipt (§ 8-213).
  • Security Deposit – The maximum deposit that a landlord can demand is an amount equal to two (2) months’ rent (§ 8–203(4)(b)).