South Carolina Roommate Contract Form

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The South Carolina Roommate Contract is an agreement that is made between the Principal/Landlord and all co-roommates. The document will describe the financial expectations and responsibilities of all of the roommates. All roommates must read and agree to the all aspects of the contract. All roommates must then provide their signatures in agreement.

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the document –

  • In the top right corner first enter the due date of the rent
  • Enter the due and pay by dates of Utilities/Cable/Internet and any other specified services decided upon by the roommates

Step 2 – Hygiene/Cleanliness:

  • Enter a description of what is expected of all roommates

Step 3 – Personal Property and Boundaries:

  • Describe what is expected with regard to these issues from all roommates

Step 4 – Guest Visitation Expectation:

  • Provide the expectations with regard to who and what is allowed for guest visitations, length of allowable stay etc…

Step 5 – Behavior:

  • Enter a description of the behavior that is expected by all parties and among all parties

Step 6 – Pets:

  • Indicate whether or not pets are allowed by any of the roommates, if so, enter the amount of pet deposits (if any)- the care of the pet and what is expected of each roommate

Step 7 – Noise Level:

  • Provide what is expected with regard to acceptable noise level between all roommates for TV, music, parties etc…

Step 8 – Miscellaneous:

  • Enter any other addendums to the contract in this section

Step 9 – Cleaning Schedule:

  • Complete the cleaning schedule/rotation, for all roommates daily/weekly

Step 10 – Signatures:

  • All roommates must read all of the descriptions and agree to abide by all of the house rules so that all roommates rights are respected
  • All roommates must then apply their signatures respectively