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South Carolina Sublease Agreement Template

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South Carolina Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 08, 2023

A South Carolina sublease agreement is a legally binding document in which a current tenant (sub-lessor), who is under a rental lease, sublets space or all of their residence to a sub-tenant (sub-lessee). Sublease contracts establish either sublet arrangements to co-inhabit the premises or allow the sub-lessee to occupy the unit completely while the sub-lessor moves elsewhere. Regardless of the workings of the sublease, the sub-lessor holds responsibility for collecting the rent from the sub-lessee and paying said funds and other applicable costs to the property owner in a timely manner. Note that the sub-lessee is not bound to the property owner through a direct contract. Therefore, the sub-lessor assumes all financial liabilities and damages to property per the master lease. Sublease agreements may help sub-lessors alleviate costs or move out without breaking their lease, but all legal obligations should be considered before entering a sublet contract.

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