Minnesota Roommate Agreement Form

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The Minnesota Roommate Agreement Form is a handy way of keeping track of the original agreement entered by roommates. Furthermore, when filled out completely then signed by the individuals involved will become a final contract to be recognized in a Minnesota court. This provides a valid sense of security for all signature parties. The signature delivers this security but will also carry the weight of obligation.

It will be assumed by any entity that must review this agreement that all parties involved have discussed the terms within it, agreed to them, and thus enter this contract with the capability of fulfilling what will be required. This is verified by the date of the lease and that of the signature. Once someone agrees to take on a role defined in this rental agreement they will be bound by their signature.

This document is a straightforward contract form with the required disclosures, the terms, and conditions of a successful agreement and provide an opportunity to attach any additional agreements, that may be unique to the situation, under its power. While many of the sections are predetermined some will require vital information such as the names of the roommates, how the utilities will be divided and the time periods involved. Make sure the information supplied to these sections are accurate before finalizing this agreement with a signature.

How to Write

Step 1 – On the first line of the agreement, enter the calendar date, the month, and the year of this lease.

Step 2 – Below the date, enter the name of each roommate participating in this agreement. There will be enough room for six individuals to be listed independently on a line, however, all roommates should be listed. If there are more than six, either enter as many on each line or write them in on the space to the right.

Step 3 – In the first paragraph of this lease, enter the calendar date, month, and year this lease is being signed by the new roommate(s). Then enter the address of the premises being rented, the start date of the lease, and the end date of the lease in the following blank spaces in that order.

Step 4 – Locate Item 2, then on each line assign the portion of monthly rent each roommate must pay. All participating roommates must be listed here.

Step 5 – In the third item, enter the fraction amount of the listed utility/service bills, each roommate must pay. There will be a separate space for Cable (since not everyone may want cable), an extra space for Food, and an extra space for cleaning or miscellaneous services. For each of these place a check mark if each roommate will be participating in paying the fraction amount listed.

Step 6 – Locate Item 12, then define any sub-let limitations the roommates must abide by.

Step 7 – In Item 14, list any terms and conditions the new roommate (or all) have agreed to in this section.

Step 8 – The final area will feature several blank lines assigning a space for each roommate to sign his/her name then date that signature (in the blank line labeled “Date”).