Nebraska Roommate Agreement Form

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The Nebraska Roommate Agreement Form is a method to document the contractual agreement made between Co-Tenants of a property being leased. Oftentimes, a few people may agree it is preferable to co-habit with one another in a residence that would otherwise be beyond their financial ability to attain then uphold the financial responsibility of living there. Usually only one or two of these Co-Tenants will hold the Master Lease with the Property Owner.

This leaves the other roommates at somewhat of a disadvantage since they do not hold such an agreement with the Property Owner. Thus, in order to solidify their right to live there beyond a handshake agreement (which can be disastrous when unfortunate circumstances effect a roommate arrangement) a written contract between the roommates and obligating each one, including the Lease Holder, may serve as a valuable remedy to all involved. This protection will serve the lease holder as well since this entity is responsible for the condition of this residence, making sure all the expenses required to maintain the residence is paid, and the Co-Tenants are in compliance with the Master Lease’s regulations for the property and its area. It should be noted that while this contract does not obligate the Property Owner to the non-lease holding members of this household, it is a legal and binding contract which is enforceable in a court of law.

How to Write

Step 1 – On the first line of Section 1, enter the date of the agreement.

Step 2 – On the second line enter the New Tenant’s (new roommate) name.

Step 3 – On the third line, enter the Landlord/Principal’s (Master Lease holding roommate) name.

Step 4 – On the fourth and fifth lines, enter each Roommate’s full name.

Step 5 – On the fifth line, report the Address the Roommate’s shall be renting.

Step 6 – On the sixth line enter the Starting Date of this agreement and the Ending Date of this agreement.

Step 7 – At the beginning of Section 2, report how much the Security Deposit new roommate must pay (on the first two blank spaces). Then on the next two blank spaces, report how much the total Security Deposit required by the Property Owner is.

Step 8 – At the beginning of Section 3, define the monthly rent due for the entire premises the roommates are renting on the first two blank spaces. Then on the next two blank spaces define the monthly rent amount the New Roommate has agreed to pay.

Step 9 – In the second bullet of Section 3, document the name of the individual who will be collecting the rent from the New Roommate.

Step 10 – In the first bullet of Section 4, enter the fraction amount of utilities the New Roommate shall pay then, on the blank line provided document which utilities the New Roommate will be contributing to.

Step 11 – In the second bullet of Section 4, report the fraction amount of services provided to the roommates the New Roommate shall pay then, on the blank line provided document which services the New Roommate has agreed to contribute this amount.

Step 12 – In the third bullet of Section 4, enter the utilities the New Roommate has agreed to place in his/her name and collect payment for.

Step 13 – In the fourth bullet of Section 4, document which utilities and services the New Roommate shall assume and pay for.

Step 14 – If any additional agreements have been made, attach them to this document, date them, and make sure all participating parties sign it.

Step 15 – On the first line of Section 8, enter the date this agreement is being signed. Then in this order the Principal Roommate (who holds the Master Lease), the New Roommate, and each additional Roommate must sign and print their names in the spaces provided.