Alabama Roommate Agreement Template

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The Alabama roommate agreement is used for an occupant of a residential dwelling to create a binding contract for the livable space of a room along with the sharing of common areas such as dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. Typically the roommates come to an agreement as to the shared costs of any utilities, services, and repairs on the premises in addition to sharing the responsibilities of cleaning.

The contract must follow State law most commonly being the following;

  • Security Deposit: Cannot be more than one (1) month’s rent.
  • Disclosure: New roommate must be made aware of the landlord’s contact information in case there is an issue and/or the management company.

How to Write

Step 1 – Gather the information of the new tenant, principal tenant, and the names of all the co-tenants of the property. Also, a breakdown of the rent, utilities, and any other expenses on the property should be calculated between all the individuals of the residence and the new tenant’s portion should be known for the agreement.

Step 2 – Enter the parties involved in the agreement, New Tenant & Landlord/Principal Tenant, in addition to the Current Co-Tenants and the Property Address.

Step 3 – Start and End Date.

Step 4 – Security Deposit amount keeping in mind that it cannot be more than the amount of one (1) month’s rent.

Step 5 – Rent amount. This is usually the same between all the co-tenants unless there are size or advantages to some of the rooms over others.

Step 6 – The fraction of the payment of the utilities/services that are associated with the residence. Also, if any of the utilities will be in the New Tenant’s name, describe them in this area.

Step 7 – Only the New Tenant and the Principal Tenant/Landlord is required to authorize the document. The New Tenant may be allowed to move-in on the first (1st) day of lease commencement.