Alabama Sublease Agreement Template

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An Alabama sublease agreement, in accordance with Title 35 Chapter 9A, allows a tenant to occupy space based on the current principal tenant’s rental contract with the landlord in addition to the terms agreed upon by the subtenant and the principal tenant (known as the “sublessor”). The principal tenant may have to obtain written consent from the owner of the property (“landlord”) depending upon if it is permitted in the master lease. If not, the landlord’s authorization is required.

How to Write

Step 1 – Under State law, the original tenant must abide the following;

  • Maximum security deposit if one (1) month’s rent and must be returned within sixty (60) days after the agreement has concluded.
  • Must state the landlord’s contact information or the manager of the premises.
  • If the residence was built prior to 1978 the subtenant must be furnished with the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form.

Step 2 – Enter the details of both parties and the property by providing the following:

  • Subtenant’s Name and Address
  • Sublessor’s Name and Address
  • Address of Property

Step 3 – Check the box to the rental arrangement that best matches the Sublessor-Subtenant relationship;

  • Fixed Sublease
  • Month to Month Sublease
  • Week to Week Sublease

Step 4 – Enter who will be responsible for the utilities.

Step 5 – Security deposit amount. Under State law (35-9A-201) the amount cannot be more than equal to one (1) month’s rent.

If the deposit is not going to be returned, including a portion, then an itemized report should be sent to the Subtenant.

Step 6 – If there are any conditions not mentioned in the agreement they should be written in Section VIII.

Step 7 – The the applicable box whether stating whether in the Master Lease that the Landlord authorized the act of subleasing on behalf of the Sublessor.

Step 8 – Date and sign the agreement and the Subtenant should be sure to read the Master Lease and follow all applicable rules for the property and to make sure that the Sublessor is confirmed as the Tenant.