North Dakota Room Rental Agreement Form

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The North Dakota Room Rental Agreement is a legal document drawn between the residents of a rental apartment or residence. The agreement would outline the terms and conditions as well as other responsibilities agreed upon by all of the co-tenants. Roommate agreements provide a more stable environment in which payments are collected and paid on time and the care of the premises is properly cared for to ensure that there are better opportunities to receive return on any deposits once the lease is over and the tenants vacate the premises. Tenants should read through the document carefully to be certain that they understand their individual responsibilities, financial and otherwise.

How To Write

Step 1 – The Parties and Property – Provide the following information

  • Enter the date that the agreement is being completed in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Provide the name of the new tenant
  • Provide the name of the Landlord/Principal
  • Enter the names of all of the current co-tenants
  • Enter the address of the property
  • Enter the start and ending dates of the lease in mm/dd/yyyy formats
  • The new tenant must read and agree to the remainder of this section

Step 2 – Security Deposit – Enter:

  • The total security deposit amount including each co-tenant’s share of the deposit
  • The new tenant must review and agree that they will be financially responsible for any damages that they, their visitors or pets may cause

Step 3 – Rent – Enter the following required information:

  • The total rent amount according to the agreement per month
  • Name the person that all co-tenants will make their share of the rental payment to
  • New Tenant must read the final statement in section 3

Step 4 – Utilities and Services – Enter amounts the new tenant will agree to pay

  • Enter the percentage of the utilities the new tenant will be responsible to pay and list the utilities
  • Enter the percentage of any services that the new tenant agrees to pay and list those services
  • If the new tenant is willing to place a service or utility in their name and agree to be responsible for payment(s), enter the service or utility the new tenants is agreeing to be responsible for
  • If there are additional services or utilities that the new tenant is willing to pay, enter them on the line provided

Step 5 – Titled Sections – All tenants must read and agree to the Titled Sections as follows:

  • Move Out
  • Additional Agreements
  • Governing Law

Step 6 – Authorization –

  • Enter the date that the roommates have executed the agreement with the new tenant
  • Provide Principal/Landlord’s Signature
  • Printed Name
  • AND
  • Enter the New Tenant’s Signature
  • Print Name
  • AND
  • All Co-Roommates Signatures Respectively
  • Printed Names