North Dakota Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A North Dakota sublease agreement is a rental contract in which an initial tenant (sub-lessor) and a new tenant (sub-lessee) arrange the sublet of a property. Before entering a sublease, the sub-lessor must confirm permission from the property owner/manager by either referring to the master lease or seeking express written consent from the landlord; the latter option involves presenting a form to the landlord that states the sublease’s terms and seeks the landlord’s signature. Upon executing a sublease, the master lease shall remain in effect, and the sub-lessor, whether or not they still reside on the premises, must collect the sub-lessee’s share of rent and pay the entire monthly rental amount to the landlord. A sub-lessor will also maintain responsibility for the premises until the lease term is complete. Among several duties, a sub-lessor remains liable for any damages or failed payments — even if caused by the sub-lessee.

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