Vermont Roommate Agreement Form

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The Vermont Roommate Agreement is an agreement that is used between multiple tenants who are sharing an apartment or residential property. The document will address rental payments, utility and service responsibilities as well as care to the unit. All roommates will be required to abide by the agreement and any laws and rules protecting the landlord’s property. All roommates will be responsible to make their rental and utility payments on time and the principal, responsible to make the payments, will be responsible to be certain that all payments are made in a timely fashion.

How To Write

Step 1 – Roommates – Provide:

  • The names of all roommates sharing the unit
  • Enter the street address
  • Enter the name of the city where the property is located

Step 2 – Rent – Principal Roommate must enter the following:

  • Check the appropriate box indicating how the rent payment will be divided
  • Describe how the rental payments will be divided in the lines provided on the document

Step 3 – Security Deposit – Principal must provide:

  • The total security deposit amount
  • Principal must select the method in which the deposit has been divided

Step 4 – Titled Sections – All roommates must read and agree to all sections of the document prior to providing signatures as follows:

  • Security Deposits With Regard to a Roommate Leaving Family
  • Damage
  • Utility Deposit Record (Principal must provide – Utility, which roommate’s name is the utility or service in, deposit paid, by who – Check the appropriate box – notes)
  • Moving Out Before Agreed Upon Time Expires (General Issues)
  • Other Agreements – (if any – Enter them into the box provided)

Step 5 – Roommates Signatures –

  • Provide Roommate’s signatures
  • Provide Roommate’s Printed Name
  • Enter the date of the signature