Vermont Sublease Agreement Template

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The Vermont Sublease Agreement is a legally binding document that is designed to allow an initial tenant to sublease, to another person (sublessee),the property that they are currently renting. The initial agreement will remain in tact, holding the initial tenant completely responsible for the rental payments and the care of the unit. The sublessee will be responsible to pay on time, take proper care of the premises and must complete the rental agreement. The sublease agreement would protect the sublessor, legally. The tenant must read and agree to the document before providing signature.

How to Write

Step 1 – Parties – Enter:

  • Name of Sublessor
  • Name of Sublessee
  • Enter the name of the city in which the property is located
  • Landlord must enter the term of the lease from the date of commencement to the date of expiration

Step 2 – Rent – Landlord must enter:

  • The amount of the rent to be paid monthly
  • Enter the schedule of payments by payment due date and the amount that will be due
  • Name the person the rent payments will be payable to
  • Enter the address where the rent should be delivered
  • What percentage of the utilities will be paid by the sublessee to the sublessor

Step 3 – Security Deposit –

  • Landlord must enter the amount of the security deposit
  • Landlord must enter the amount of the deposit that will be returned to the sublessor

Step 4 – Amendments and/or Additions (Other) –

  • Should there be amendments and/or additions they must be written into the “Other” section

Step 5 – Signature(s) –

  • Once the entire document is complete, the tenant must read and agree to the agreement. If the tenant feels there must be amendment additions or subtractions, the tenant should appeal to the Sublessor for changes.
  • Enter the date of the agreement in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Provide the sublessor’s signature
  • Provide the sublessee’s signature
  • Landlord must provide signature in acknowledgement that a sublease has been arranged and executed
  • Date the landlord’s signature