Washington Roommate Agreement Form

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The Washington Roommate Agreement is a document that outlines the rules and responsibilities of a group of people who have agreed to live in one unit or premises. All roommates must read and agree to the information in the document and each roommate must provide their signature to the agreement.

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the document and begin by providing the property’s address near the top of the page

Step 2 – Study and Quiet Times

  • Enter the agreed times of each day that are set aside for quiet time, on the lines provided

Step 3 – Sleep and Fun Time

  • Enter the times that the roommates designate for sleep and fun time on the lines provided

Step 4 – Guests

  • Provide the days and times when the roommates agree that guests are welcome to visit
  • Enter the conditions under which the guests will be welcome to visit
  • Enter the conditions in which significant others will be welcome to visit the premises, according to the agreement of all roommates

Step 5 – Cleaning of the premises

  • Enter the agreed scheduled cleaning of the premises each week and provide assignment of chores

Step 6 – Sharing of personal belongings

  • State the agreement among the roommates with regard to sharing of personal items

Step 7 – Communications

  • State the rules with regard to cell and landline usage according to the roommates agreement

Step 8 – Private Time

  • Enter agreements regarding, private times

Step 9 – Confrontational Issues

  • Enter the agreement with regard to resolving negative issues among the roommates

Step 10 – Signatures – Provide the following:

  • Each roommate must enter their signature
  • Each roommate must enter the date of the signature