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Washington Rental Application Form

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Washington Rental Application Form

Updated August 08, 2023

A Washington rental application is a document that landlords, property owners, and management companies provide to applicants seeking to rent a property. The application will require that the applicant provide employment history, rental history, and other personal information, that, with signed permission, the landlord will have a right to investigate and verify. These aspects will provide a clearer view as to whether or not the applicant would be a reliable candidate for the rental property.

Table of Contents

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Outside Seattle Rental Application

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Within Seattle Rental Application

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Fees and Deposits

Maximum Application Fee (§ 59.18.257(1)(b)) – Landlords may charge an application fee only for costs incurred in obtaining screening reports.

Maximum Security Deposit (§ 59.18.280) – There is no limit expressed in state statutes regarding the maximum amount for security deposits.

Seattle Only Disclosure

Criminal History Prohibited (SMC 14.09.025) – A notice to the tenant prohibiting discrimination in housing against renters with arrest records, conviction records, or criminal history.

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