Montana Roommate Agreement Form

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The Montana Roommate Agreement Form is a written contract form which helps maintain a positive roommate relationship by keeping the agreed upon terms consistent throughout a tenancy. When entering a roommate situation, very few people are able to absorb changes to the conditions they originally agreed upon. This can apply to non-standard additions such as the walking schedule of a household dog. While such minutia is beyond the scope of a standard template such as this one, there will be opportunity to attach an additional document so that it may enjoy the protection of this contract. Of course, this attachment must be presented with the completed contract form so that all may be signed at once.

As mentioned before, this is a standard form that shall conform to Montana State Laws and Federal Laws. That is, there are no illegal provisions within this form and it will cover the necessities that every roommate agreement should cover. Some of parts will require attention from a preparer. These parts should be discussed and understood before setting them on paper. Once this agreement is signed it will be a binding contract in a Montana court room.

How To Write

Step 1 – On the first blank space, enter the Address of the leased property the New Roommate will be residing in.

Step 2 – Locate Item 2. Here list the full name of each Roommate entering the agreement and the amount of rent that individual will pay each month for rent.

Step 3 – In Item 11, “Special Provisions,” document any additional terms and conditions that shall apply to the signature parties but have not been mentioned in this document thus far.

Step 4 – At the end of this contract, each Roommate must sign his/her name and provide a Date of the signature.