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Montana Sublease Agreement Template

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Montana Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 07, 2023

A Montana sublease agreement provides the legal foundation for a sublet arrangement between a sub-lessor and sub-lessee. It is imperative for the current tenant (sub-lessor) to solidify a sublet in writing since they would be liable under their contract with the property owner. Upon entering a sublease, the sub-lessor must maintain responsibilities of both the master lease with the property owner and the sublease with the sub-lessee, in which the sub-lessor acts as a landlord. The sub-lessor, in any case, is accountable for any damages or issues that violate the safety of the leased property. Suppose a sub-lessee causes property damage or fails to pay rent. In that case, the sub-lessor must act immediately and seek compensation from the offending or negligent party. Generally, individuals subletting their residence do so in order to ease the stress of a financial burden. Taking every precaution, including keeping the sublet arrangement in writing, is considered wise in almost all instances.

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