Arizona Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement Template

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The Arizona Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement documents the arranged terms between roommates sharing a rental space. This may not be a landlord lease however once this document bears the signatures of all the roommates involved it will be considered a legal contract between them. This means that every signing roommate will need to be in compliance with the terms they have entered into the agreement. This contract does not in any way circumvent the landlord’s lease in a court of law. Additionally, the roommates that have signed the main lease with the landlord will be held responsible for the space if it is damaged. This means the roommate on the lease may enjoy the benefits of having a lease with the landlord and the financial relief of roommates but will be held responsible for both agreements. Both will be considered binding.

It is important to note, that roommates who have entered this agreement but not one with the landlord have no claim to the space should the landlord’s lease terminate (naturally or otherwise).

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the date in the first paragraph. This should be the date the lease begins.

Step 2 – Enter the names of all the roommates (tenants) entering this agreement and the address of the property they will be sharing.

Step 3 – Enter the start date and end date of the lease agreement.

Step 4 – Enter the security deposit amount, the name of the roommate who will pay the landlord this amount, and the date this amount has been delivered to the landlord. Below this list each contributing tenant and the portion of the amount they are paying.

Step 5 – Enter the rent amount to be paid each month to the landlord. There will be spaces available below this to list each roommate’s name and the amount of what their share of the rent is.  Following this will be the definition of how the rent to be paid is (i.e. check/money order).  Finally, enter the date the rent is due.

Step 6 – Check the box that indicates whether the food bill will be shared or if each person is responsible for their own food. Enter a number or description regarding the storage space afforded each roommate.

Step 7 – Check the box that will describe the best cleaning schedule for the situation.

Step 8 – Check the boxes where a specific arrangement has been agreed to. Attach the agreement to this document.

Step 9 – Enter the name of the roommate who holds the account for the appropriate utility or service. Enter the deposit amount, deposit paid, describe how the bill is paid, and the roommate responsible for payment for each utility or service.

Step 10 – Each roommate should sign their name, print their name, and enter the date.