Arizona Sublease Agreement Template

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The Arizona Sublease Agreement will provide written proof of a lease between a lessor and lessee. Typically this will involve a space (or part of a space such as a room) the lessor rents from a landlord under the constrictions of a lease held with that landlord. Sub-lessors will be held responsible for everything in the original lease with the landlord and would be held responsible for damages incurred by the sub-lessee. Additionally, a sub-lessor will have to pay the full rent in their original landlord agreement regardless of whether a sub-lessee makes a full payment or not. With this being said, it is easy to see why having a written sublease agreement between a sub-lessor and sub-lessee is preferable as a verbal agreement would be very difficult to prove. A sub-lessor will enjoy certain benefits from a sublease arrangement, he or she will also need to fulfill the requirements of being a landlord and a tenant.

Once signed this document becomes a binding contract holding both sub-lessor and sub-lessee responsible to each other under the terms listed as each will be expected to fulfill their roles. The original landlord and the subletting tenant are not bound to each other but both are bound to the sub-lessor. This agreement is purely between the sub-lessor and sub-lessee. Thus, it is imperative that both are in full agreement as to the terms named and comprehend their roles fully.

How to Write

Step 1 – The introduction paragraph will define the parties signing this lease. The name of the Sub-lessee, address of Sub-lessor, name of the Sub-lessor, name of the Sub-lessee, and address of the Sub-lessee must be entered (in that order).

Step 2 – The next paragraph will need the property street address and city to be entered in their respective spaces. This paragraph will act as validation the address listed is where the Sublessee will reside in exchange for payment to the Sublessor.

Step 3 – The first Item of this lease is the “Term.” Here a box must be check marked to indicate the type of sublease this is. If it is a “Fixed Sublease,” enter check the appropriate box and enter the start and end date for the time period the lease will be in effect. If it is a “Month-to-Month” arrangement check this box, enter the start date then the number, and enter the number of days notice that is required to terminate the lease correctly. If this is a “Week-to-Week” lease, mark the appropriate checkbox, enter the start date, as well as the number of days, notice necessary to terminate the agreement.

Step 4 – The next item will be “Utilities.” Here the utilities the sublessee is not responsible to pay for must be entered.

Step 5 – The “Security Deposit” (labeled as item IV) requires the amount be written in and as a dollar amount in the parentheses).

Step 6 – Item VIII is where any additional agreements that have been discussed and decided upon may be documented.

Step 7 – The “Date & Signature” is the last of the items on this agreement and provides the binding effect between Sublessor and Sublessee. First the day, month, and year of the agreement must be entered. Then the Sub-lessor and Sub-lessee must provide their signature and printed name in their respective areas. There will be two additional areas for witness signatures and printed names. Finally, if a parent or guardian’s permission is necessary for the sublessee his/her signature and printed name may be placed at the bottom.