Arkansas Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement

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The Arkansas Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement provides some security to a roommate who is not on the main lease. While roommates who are not on the main lease have no formal agreement with a landlord, some jurisdictions in Arkansas will determine certain rights to said roommate. A roommate who is not on the lease would benefit from a written contract with the roommate named on the lease in that their ability to reside there has been agreed to by the lessor roommate. Utilizing a written agreement will also serve the roommate on the landlord lease. By requiring a signed contract, the roommate acting as a lessor is assured that terms regarding the living arrangements and expenses have been defined and agreed to by the roommate.

This form will act as a contract between the roommates who sign it. Some information will be required in order to complete this document which is unique to the roommate situation (for instance, the names of the roommates, the address of the premises, and the effective dates for the agreement). Each entry should be discussed and clearly understood by each party to avoid any future unpleasant difficulties.

How to Write

Step 1. The “Parties & Property” section (Section 1) introduces the agreement by defining the date, participating parties, and the premises. Enter the date, New Tenant’s first name, Landlord/Principle’s full name, any current Co-Tenants, and the Property Address. The final area of this section will require the Start Date and the End Date of the agreement entered.

Step 2. The “Security Deposit” section (Section 2.) will need the roommate’s share of the security deposit and the total security deposit. Both of these should be written out and entered numerically as a dollar amount. The terms of the security deposit will be stated later.

Step 3. The “Rent” section (Section 3.) will define the amount of rent and the Landlord relationship. The full rent amount paid to the Landlord of the premises must be entered. Then, the monthly rent amount the roommate must pay needs to be entered. Finally, who the check or money order must be made out to should be input.

Step 4. The “Utilities” section (Section 4.) seeks to define additional considerations when cohabiting with another individual.  The share of each utility should be defined and the utility should be named.

Step 5. The “Authorization” terms (Section 5.) will require the date of the agreement, the Principal Roommate’s signature, the New Roommate’s signature, and each Co-Roommate’s signature. Every signer must also print their name below their signature.