Arkansas Sublease Agreement Form

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An Arkansas sublease agreement provides a written acknowledgment between the sub-lessor and the sub-lessee of an arrangement. This can be a powerful document when signed and will act as a binding contract between all the signature parties. The finalized lease agreement will verify that a sub-lessee has the arrangement to rent and reside on a property the sub-lessor rents from a Landlord. The rights available to a sub-lessee will depend upon the agreement itself and the county the property is located in. Obviously being able to prove such an agreement exists is essential to seizing any rights one may have and a written contract with the sub-lessor may afford a reasonable amount of consideration should complications arise.

How to Write

Step 1. The first paragraph of the sublease seeks to establish some basic facts regarding the agreement.  Enter the Sublessee name and the Sublessor address. Then enter the name and address of the sublessee. In the next paragraph, enter the street address and city of the rental property.

Step 2. The first item is labeled “Term.” This item shall define the type of sublease this is by naming the period of time it is in effect for. Each of the paragraphs will have a checkbox next to it and will require some additional information to be entered. The first choice is “Fixed Sublease.” If checking this choice enter the start date of the agreement and the date it will terminate naturally. If checking the “Month-to-Month” or “Week-to-Week,” enter the start date and the number of days’ notice a tenant must give to terminate the lease lawfully.

Step 3. The “Utilities” section will obligate the Sublessee to be financially responsible for all utilities. If there are any which the Sublessee will not be responsible for, they should be entered in the space provided.

Step 4. Enter the amount of security required to hold in the “Security Deposit” section. This will define the terms of the security deposit and there will be a space to enter the number of days a sublessee must receive an explanation for any withholdings.

Step 5. There may be an agreement between the sublessor and sublessee which has not been covered so far. If so, enter this agreement in the “Other” section.

Step 6. The “Date & Signature” section will require the date of the sublease to be entered. There will also be a space for the sublessor, sublessee, and any witnesses present to sign and print their names. Below this will be a space for a guardian or parent to sign and print their names. Finally, there is a “Landlord’s Consent” area where the Landlord of the property may give consent to sublease through signing and printing his/her name and initial the fact the original lease is attached. There is also a space for initial approval for a move-in inventory.