Nevada Roommate Agreement Template

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The Nevada Roommate Agreement Template gives roommates or co-tenants the security of knowing their roommate terms are set in stone and enforceable for the duration of the agreement each has entered. This is a powerful tool for promoting a positive relationship in such a living arrangement. Unfortunately, misunderstandings have been known to spoil otherwise fruitful living situations either as time goes on or when unforeseen events have occurred. In such circumstances, a handshake verbal agreement may not necessarily provide validity to one’s argument or one’s understanding of an agreement they have entered. Simply put: there would be no proof. This may create quite a dilemma however a written agreement will remedy this situation nicely.

A written contract provides stability and continuity to an agreement. While many may shy away from the word ‘contract’ especially roommates with pre-existing relationships, it should be mentioned that a written contract may preserve or even save such otherwise positive relationships from turning sour due to a misunderstanding that has grown to a hostile living situation. Furthermore, this agreement will cover the ground necessary for the basis of a long term co-tenant living situation. In cases, where there is no previous relationship, this contract provides security in that it will be enforceable in a court of law should any signing party violate its terms and conditions while it is in effect.

How to Write

Step 1 – In “Section 1. The Parties & Property,” use the blank spaces provided to enter the following information in this order: Date of the agreement, New Roommate’s full Name, the lease holding Roommate’s full name, the name of each Roommate (labeled as “Co-Tenants”), the Address of the property, the Start Date of the Lease and the End Date of the Lease.

Step 2 – In “Section 2. Security Deposit,” enter the security amount the new roommate must pay in words then enter it numerically. Then, on the third blank space, enter the total Security the Property Owner requires of the Master Lease holder (written out), then entered numerically on the fourth blank space.

Step 3 – In “Section 3. Rent,” enter the Total Rent the roommates must pay per month for the property then the amount the New Roommate must pay per month on the blank spaces provided in a similar fashion as the last section (written out then numerically).

Step 4 – In “Section 4. Utilities,” use the first bullet point to enter the fraction amount of utilities the New Roommate shall pay and list the utilities the new Roommate shall pay this fraction amount of. On the second bullet point, enter fraction amount of services the New Roommate shall pay and list the services the roommate shall contribute to. In the third bullet point, enter the utilities/services the New Roommate shall put into his/her name. Then in the fourth bullet point, list the utilities/services the New Tenant shall pay for.

Step 5 – In “Section 8. Authorization,” the Date this lease is signed must be entered in the first statement, then each roommate must sign and print his/her name. (In this order: Roommate holding the lease, New Roommate, and Co-Roommates).