Illinois Roommate (Room Rental) Agreement Form

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The Illinois Roommate Agreement Form provides a definitive stability when several individuals decide to share expenses in a living arrangement by combining their resources to maintain a rental agreement. In a housing market where rents can oftentimes be beyond one person’s ability this can be quite a boon however one must be careful to make sure all the technicalities of such an endeavor have been set and finalized before the actual move-in. Due to the personal nature of the situation, a haphazard preparation may cause misunderstandings or even cost one valuable relationships. Such an outcome may be easily avoided with some preparation such as making sure the original agreement has been documented in a written form such as this one.

This agreement will serve as a contract only between roommates and not between a non-lease holder and the property owner. That is, once the lease holder’s lease expires or terminates the landlord/property manager is not truly obligated to continue allowing any of the remaining roommate parties the right to rent the space in exchange for rent (though, an application process may begin at the landlord’s discretion). However so long as the leaseholder is in compliance of his/her agreement with the landlord this contract between a roommate and that individual is considered a binding agreement between those two parties and any other roommate who has signed it.

How to Write

Step 1 – On the first line enter the date of the agreement.

Step 2 – In the next section there will be several numbered blank spaces. In each space enter the full name of a roommate who is entering this agreement.

Step 3 – The first paragraph of the document will require the current date, the address of the premises being shared, the start date of the lease, and the end date of the lease.

Step 4 – The second item (Numbered 2 under the heading “It Is Therefore Agreed As Follows), requires the dollar amount each roommate will be responsible to pay on a monthly basis for rent.

Step 5 – Item 3, will define the financial responsibility each roommate has for paying their share of utilities. On the first available blank line enter the share each roommate must pay as a fraction amount. If this agreement will apply to cable and/or food, check the appropriate boxes. Also, the first blank line will give an opportunity to solidify a roommate’s responsibility to pay their share of a contracted service (i.e. cleaning). Finally, if any utilities, services, or amenities will require a payment from a roommate enter this in the “Other” line.

Step 6 – In item 12, specify if a roommate may sublet and report any conditions that apply to such a situation in the space provided. If a roommate may not sublet, indicate this as well.

Step 7 – In item 14, report any additional agreements. Any additional agreements that are considered part of the lease must be in writing. If there is not enough room, then compose a separate document, make sure everyone signs and dates it, and attach it to this document. Make sure to note this action and name the title of the document in this item.

Step 8 – Finally, each roommate must sign and date their signatures at the bottom.