Kansas Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement Form

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The Kansas Room Rental (Roommate) Agreement Form may be used between roommates wishing to solidify their arrangement in writing. Such an action provides the valuable service of preventing misunderstandings and in some cases may help to preserve valuable relationships. Once a contract is signed it becomes a binding document on the signature party removing any room for doubt where the original agreement is concerned. That is, the signature provides verification the lease has been comprehended and agreed to by anyone who signs it. Now it should be noted this agreement will only act in such a way between the roommates and not the property owner/property manager. Generally, only one or two roommates will have an actual agreement with this entity thus, only they can hold that party responsible to a lease. The other roommates have no such agreement with this entity and thus, are not entitled to the same entitlements.

When filling out this lease, pay close attention to the sections and the subject matter covered. Some agreements will have more conditions than those named here or less. If your new roommate and you have agreed to something that is not mentioned on this form, this agreement should be documented on the lease or attached to it (with dated signatures), in order to be considered part of this lease.

How to Write

Step 1 – First, in the “Parties & Property” section it will be necessary to define the identities of the of those entering the agreement and/or living on the premises as well as the premises itself. In this order, enter the full name of the New Tenant, the Landlord/Principal (main tenant), Current Co-Tenant(s) (roommates already there), the Address of the property, the Start Date of the agreement, and the End Date of the agreement.

Step 2 – Next it will be time to document the security deposit held by the landlord for the duration of the lease as a form of insurance against any damages to the property a tenant may cause. Under the heading, “Security Deposit” enter the security deposit amount a roommate must submit then the total amount of security the property owner/property manager will require from the roommates.

Step 3 – The “Rent” section will define the rent amount for each roommate as well as the total that must be submitted for the premises itself. First, enter, the total amount due each month for the roommates to be able to maintain a residence. Then enter the monthly amount each roommate must pay (that is, one roommate’s share of the rent). Finally, enter the name of the individual who will receive the new roommate’s rent payment.

Step 4 – Every type of residential property rental leases will deal with the utilities and services necessary to maintain premises. In a roommate agreement, each tenant’s share should be documented and the utility and service must be named. The fourth section “Utilities” will seek such definitions. The first bullet requires the fraction amount of a utility bill the new tenant must pay then all utilities this applies to must be listed in the line below it. The next bullet will require the same information regarding services.  The third bullet point will define any utilities the new tenant shall assume under his/her name. If the new tenant will pay for any utility, service, amenity, etc. but it has not been named thus far, list it in the fourth bullet point.

Step 5 – The requirements of the new tenant in terms of a desire to terminate this agreement prematurely will be documented in “Move-Out.” Make sure to read this paragraph carefully.

Step 6 – This is a general agreement seeking to cover a broad range of topics that often need defining and/or are required to be defined. The “Additional Agreements” paragraph will allow any additional terms or conditions the parties wish to be considered part of this lease to be attached to this document. However, it would be wise to specifically mention this lease and have each roommate provide a signature and date in such a document.

Step 7 – The “Governing Law” paragraph will acknowledge this agreement’s adherence to Iowa State Law.

Step 8 – It is important to provide a date for this agreement. This will establish a time frame for the lease and will serve as an identifying quality. Enter the date of this agreement in the “Authorization” section. Below this will be a space for the signature and printed name of the Principal Roommate/Landlord, New Roommate, and each co-roommate.