Kansas Sublease Agreement Template

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The Kansas Sublease Agreement Template delivers a flexible sublease contract that may be used to solidify a significant range of lease terms. It will give the opportunity for both parties to enter a fixed term lease, a month-to-month lease, or even a week-to-week lease.  Therefore, it can conform to the main lease the principle tenant holds with the property owner or landlord. This is imperative for such an agreement since the principle tenant cannot be the sub-lessor/landlord of a lease with a sub-lessee/tenant that outlives the main lease for the property. The reason for this is straightforward, the landlord/property owner does not hold a lease with the sub-lessee only the sub-lessor.

The sub-lessor is limited by his or her lease with the landlord, however, he/she may enjoy the financial relief sub-letting a rental to a sub-lessee provides. In relation to the sub-lessee, the sub-lessor is a landlord and must fulfill all the responsibilities of that role. This is in addition to fulfilling the role of a tenant for the property owner/manager of the premises the sub-lessor has possession of. Generally speaking, sub-lessors seek sub-tenants in order to fulfill an obligation they carry towards a property they are not able to live on anymore. That is, he or she may be lease locked and required to fulfill the financial responsibilities of a lease. By sub-letting the property, the sub-lessor may leave while applying sub-lessee payments to cover the cost. It should be noted the sub-lessor’s responsibility as the main tenant means that if a sub-lessee is unable to pay rent, the sub-lessor is not excused from his/her obligations. Thus, he/she must pay out of pocket to the landlord/property owner then collect the late payment as a separate matter altogether.

How to Write

Step 1 – Write down the full name of the sub-lessee on the first blank space and the full address of the sub-lessee on the second blank line.

Step 2 – Write down the full name of the sub-lessor and the full address of the sub-lessor on the second and third blank line of this paragraph.

Step 3 – In the second paragraph list the street address of the property on the first blank line then indicate the state on the second blank line.

Step 4 – The first item, “Term,” will define the type of lease this is. If this is a Fixed Sublease, check the first box then enter the starting and ending date for the period of time this lease will remain in effect for. If this is a Month-to-Month Sublease, place a check mark in the second box (only) then enter the start date of the lease and the number of days’ notice required to terminate this lease successfully. Make sure you are listing the minimum required number of days by the county and state. If this is a Week-to-Week sublease then check only the third box of this section, enter the date this agreement will go into effect and the number of days’ notice required to terminate the agreement.

Step 5 – In the second item, known as “Utilities,” enter the utilities the sub-lessee will be responsible for providing the rental property for the duration of the agreement.

Step 6 – In the fourth item (“Security Deposit”), enter the total security deposit amount the sub-lessor requires of the sub-lessee to enter this agreement. Then enter the number of days where an explanation must be provided the tenant, if the tenant has moved out and any part of it will be kept by the landlord (to cover damages by the tenant).

Step 7 – Any terms and conditions that have not been mentioned or agreed to in this document should be reported in the “Other” section in order to be part of this lease.

Step 8 – In the thirteenth item, under the heading “Landlord’s Consent,” check the first box if the sublease is not binding without landlord consent or the second box if it is binding regardless of landlord consent.

Step 9 – The fifteenth item, “Date & Signature,” needs the calendar date (day, month, year) of the lease to be written on the appropriate spaces. Below this, there will be an area for the sub-lessor to sign and print his/her name on the left. Below this will be a space for a witness at the time of signing to sign and print his or her name. The right-hand column will give the sub-lessee the space to provide his/her signature and printed name as well as a space for the witness to the sub-lessee signature to do the same. Below this area will be a space for a parent or guardian to provide a signature and printed name if either party is a minor. This will be followed by a signature line for the Landlord to give consent. Finally, the sub-lessor and sub-lessee should initial the appropriate spaces (at the end of the document) if the original lease is attached and/or an inventory checklist is attached.