Oregon Roommate Agreement Form

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The Oregon Roommate Agreement is a sort of contract whereas the residence of a rental premises agree upon rules and the financials of a shared space and write it up as an agreement that all of the residence will share and refer to if needed.  The agreement provides an outline of the terms that would well suit all of the roommates residing together. Each resident must carefully review all of the parts of the document to be certain that they understand aspects as to when payments are due, who will collect various payments, Proper care and responsibilities of the unit, among other rules that will not only have been established already by the landlord, but among the roommates. All rent percentages will be collected by one roommate and pain on time, in whole to the landlord.

How To Write

Step 1 – The home provider and tenant must complete the following

  • Enter the names of the home provider and the tenant
  • Home provider must enter the address where the renter will rent
  • Enter a description of the property
  • Home provider must list furniture, appliances and any other property to be shared
  • Home provider must specify the parts of the home that are off limits or only shared as specified
  • Home Provider must list any restrictions

Step 2 –  Term  – Home provider must provide enter the date in which the month to month agreement will commence

Step 3 – Rent – Enter the following

  • The amount of the monthly rent
  • On what day is the rent due each month
  • AND/OR
  • The monthly rent shall be the following services to be performed by the renter (if your rent are your services, and service fail to be performed, you will be treated as if you are in non/payment)

Food Costs – Check the box that applies

  • Are not shared or provided in this agreement
  • Are to be shared as follows (explain how costs will be shared)

Utilities – Place the tenant’s name in the line of the utility that they will be responsible to collect and pay on time each month

Receipt and Security Deposit –

  • Home provider must enter the amount of the first month’s rent and the amount of the security deposit. Enter the date of receipt
  • Tenant must carefully read the remaining (part B) of this section so that they understand the terms of payment and return of deposit

Step 4 – Titled Sections – Tenant must read and agree to all titled section prior to signing this document, as follows:

  • Renter’s duty to maintain property
  • Home provider’s obligation to maintain property
  • Alterations to property
  • Noise
  • Notice of termination (A through C)
  • Home provider must enter any additional information if necessary

Step 5 – Signatures –

  • Home Provider’s Signature
  • Date of Signature
  • AND
  • Signature of renter
  • Date of Signature