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Oregon Sublease Agreement

An Oregon sublease agreement is a contract between the initial tenant of a rental property (sublessor) and a new subtenant (sublessee). A sublease arrangement allows the sublessor to rent some or all of their residence while still fulfilling their obligations under the original lease agreement.
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Right to Sublet

Except with respect to manufactured dwelling parks and marinas, Oregon law does not govern the rights of tenants to sublet.[1] Sublet arrangements are subject to the terms of the original lease. If the lease does not address subletting, written permission may be granted using a Landlord Consent Form.

Manufactured Dwellings and Floating Homes

Permission – A sublease agreement is required if the tenant seeks to rent out the facility for more than three days.[2]

Screening – A landlord may not apply more restrictive screening criteria to a sub-tenant than they do regular tenants.[3]

Termination – If the sublease agreement does not specify otherwise, a landlord can terminate the sublease without cause with 30 days’ notice.[4]

Short-Term (Transient Lodging) Tax

Oregon imposes a 1.5% transient lodging tax for dwelling unit rentals lasting less than 30 days.[5] Additional local lodging taxes may apply. For example, local rates include:

  • Ashland: 10%[5]
  • Bend: 10.4%[6]
  • Eugene: 4.5% + 7% Lane County tax[5]
  • Portland: 11.5%[7]
  • Salem: 9%[8]