Oregon Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

An Oregon sublease agreement is a contract creating a binding a sublet arrangement among the initial tenant of a rental property, a new sub-tenant, and the property’s owner or landlord. A sublease gives the current tenant (sub-lessor) permission to rent a space in their residence to another individual (sub-lessee); sub-lessors may opt to share the living quarters or move out without breaking their lease with the property owner. Regardless of the living situation, the structure will essentially be the same. The sub-lessee is expected to pay their share of rent directly to the sub-lessor — who, in turn, makes the total rental payments to the property owner/manager. Sub-lessors maintain responsibilities for all rental costs as well as any damages to the premises, including those caused by the sub-lessee.  All parties must carefully read the terms of the agreement to ensure they fully comprehend their legal obligations and contractual duties.

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