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Request For Proposal (RFP) Template

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Request For Proposal (RFP) Template

Updated June 06, 2024

A Request For Proposal (RFP) is a document used to solicit proposals from agencies, consultants, and contractors in an effort to complete a project, solve a problem, or address a particular need. A successful RFP will result in qualified bidders returning comprehensive proposals that provide valuable solutions for the company or individual that issues it.

What’s in an RFP?

An RFP should provide detailed and pertinent information describing the project, problem, or need that is to be addressed or completed. This includes background information, description of objectives, scope of work, budgetary constraints, required qualifications, and details about how and where proposals will be submitted.

Sample RFP Template


Contact Info


The introduction should include basic background information about the company that is issuing the RFP. This helps bidders understand the company, what products/services it provides, and what markets it sells to. Note: when an individual writes an RFP for residential construction, this section may not be necessary.


This section is used to describe the reason(s) for the RFP. A company may need a marketing solution, software design services, or have a legal problem. An individual may need to build a home or remodel an existing property.


Here is where the company or individual identifies actionable items that will lead to their problems being solved and needs being addressed. These items should be approached from a broad perspective. Details about how they will be accomplished are provided in the next section.


  • Identify the target market
  • Develop an appropriate social media campaign
  • Design/build a 3500-square-foot home

Scope of Work

An accurate and detailed description of the scope of work is vital to receiving quality responses to an RFP. Bidders will rely heavily on this information to create their proposals. The scope of work should identify the day-to-day activities that will lead to the successful completion of the items described in the Objectives section.


  • Create all ad artwork and video content
  • Develop and maintain a targeted media list
  • Assess the facility needs and assist with the development of a building plan for new construction and/or remodel


Similar to the qualifications that would be included on a job listing, this section describes the level of experience bidders are expected to have. Required experience will depend on the nature of the work being performed; expectations should remain reasonable.


  • Minimum 5 years general industry experience
  • Minimum 2 years specific experience
  • Practical experience working with automotive industry
  • Ability to secure intellectual property for ads
  • Real-time SEO reporting capabilities


The budget section will vary greatly from one RFP to another. Some RFPs will pre-set a budget for bidders to work within. Others will ask bidders to propose a budget, based on the scope of work described in the RFP. Budgets can be set for an entire project, paid at the completion of different phases, or based on periodic payments, like a monthly budget.

Selection Criteria / Proposal Evaluation

It can be useful to provide bidders with some transparency about how the winning proposal will be selected. This information can help bidders understand what qualities the company will prioritize when making their decision so that they can customize their proposal appropriately. This also helps to weed out unqualified proposals.


  • Appropriate industry experience
  • Bidder’s physical location (proximity to the company)
  • Positive feedback from references
  • Number of successful projects like this one


Bidders will need to know where and to whom they will submit their proposals. Clear instructions should be given regarding acceptable formats (i.e. electronic and/or physical). If physical copies will be mailed, an address needs to be included.

Review Process and Timeline

A review timeline should be included so that the bidder’s expectations are set early on in the process. If bidders will be allowed to ask questions before submitting proposals, it is helpful to include the appropriate contact information.

  • Date issued
  • Bidder question and answer period
  • Bidder contact information
  • Proposals submission deadline
  • Proposal review and evaluation deadline
  • Winning bidder notification timeline