New Hampshire Separation Agreement Template

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Updated April 08, 2023

A New Hampshire separation agreement lets married couples who no longer wish to live together make essential decisions about property, child support, and other matters without getting divorced. Legal separation is a court-overseen process with many effects of divorce but without the finality.

Couples may choose to pursue separation rather than divorce for several reasons, including being able to remain on most insurance policies.

Is a Separation Agreement Legal in New Hampshire?

Yes, couples may pursue legal separation as an alternative to divorce and create an agreement to formalize the terms of their separation.

Source: § 458:26

Legal Separation Requirements

  • Filing Fee: $280 (Civil Action)
  • Residency: Unless both spouses are residents of the state, the plaintiff spouse must have resided in the state for a year before filing (§ 458:5)
  • Where to File: With the circuit court covering the area of the state where the filing spouse resides

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