Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Sign-in/Attendance Sheet Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

An alcoholics anonymous (AA) sign-in/attendance sheet is a unified form that is used to record attendance at AA meetings. Whether you are mandated to attend or simply trying to maintain good habits, this sheet is an easy way to keep all meetings logged in a single place.

What to Include

This sheet should include just a few basic details. For each meeting attended, it should indicate:

  • The name of the AA group running the meeting
  • The date and time of the meeting
  • The location of the AA meeting
  • A signature from the group leader

The group leader’s signature confirms that you were present – a critical detail for anyone who is legally required to attend meetings.

How to Use an (AA) Sign-in Sheet

1. Talk with Your Court Officer

Make sure that you understand your legal obligations. The requirement to attend meetings may come from the judge, or a parole or probation officer – and it is often in lieu of other, more serious penalties.

If you’re facing alcohol-related charges, the court will try to assess the severity of any alcohol issues. You may be subjected to a pretrial interview and be screened for drinking. Once this appraisal is completed, you will be mandated to attend a specific number of meetings.

2. Download a Sign-in Sheet

Download this sign-in sheet, print it out, and take it to all meetings. To be safe, you might keep two sets of records, or otherwise backup meeting details on the computer to ensure that do not lose critical records.

3. List Details of Meeting

Make sure to record all pertinent meeting details, including the name of the AA group for each session, the session time, and its location.

4. Obtain Chairperson’s Signature After Meeting

To confirm attendance details, obtain the signature of the meeting chairperson or other authorized representative.

5. Submit Sign-in Sheet to Your Probation Officer

Once you have met your attendance requirements, submit the sign-in sheet.