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Baby Shower Sign-in Sheet Template

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A baby shower is a wonderful event that celebrates one of the most momentous events in a person’s life. Making arrangements for this special day can be extensive and somewhat overwhelming, whether it be sending out invitations, preparing food, or setting up party decorations. When the day finally arrives, you can make things a little easier on yourself by having a baby shower sign-in sheet prepared. This form will allow you to document the names of all those in attendance and ensure that each person is accounted for when sending out your thank you notes. The sign-in sheet also has a space available for gift descriptions.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Form

Begin by downloading the form in either PDF, ODT, or Word format. After the form has been downloaded successfully, open it with the proper viewing application on your computer or have it printed.

Step 2 – Guest Information

The guest’s name should be written in the column on the left of the form. On the right, next to the guest’s name, you may provide a brief description of the gift received.

Step 3 – Presenting the Form

This particular form doesn’t necessarily need to be made available to your guests. You may find it best to delegate the recording responsibilities to one person, that way the other guests can relax and enjoy the baby shower without having to worry about documenting their attendance and gift (if any). Alternatively, you can pass around the form to your guests after all gifts have been opened and ask that each person provides their own information.