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Arkansas Small Estate Affidavit (Form 23)

An Arkansas small estate affidavit is used to collect the personal property of a person who died when the person had an estate valued at less than $100,000. It cannot be filed until 45 days have elapsed since the death.
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How to File (4 steps)

1. Complete the Small Estate Affidavit

Complete the Small Estate Affidavit. After completion, it must be signed by the filing party and the court clerk.

2. File at the Local Court

Go to the Local Court Clerk’s Office with the following:

3. Publish in the Local Newspaper

Use the Notice of Publication and submit it to a local newspaper that serves the county where the small estate was filed. Publication must be at least once a week for two weeks.

4. Submit the Deed of Distribution

After the notice period has passed the heirs can issue a Deed of Distribution. This form must be completed and given to any third party where ownership of property must be changed to the heir’s name.