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Social Security (SSA) Forms

Updated September 11, 2023

Social Security forms are used to apply for benefits and services administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). SSA programs include retirement, disability, income supplementation, Medicare, and other benefits. The SSA also manages social security records, numbers, and cards, a crucial component of proof of identity for United States citizens and permanent residents.

Table of Contents

Popular Forms

Form SS-5 – application for a social security card

Download: PDF



Form SSA-827 – authorization to release information

Download: PDF



Form SSA-561-U2 – appeal form for requesting reconsideration

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Types of Social Security Forms

Records and Information — for updating personal information, applying for new or updated cards, and authorizing the transfer of information for services like direct deposit

Retirement and Disability Benefits — used to apply for various benefits programs related to work, healthcare, and family

Medicare Enrollment — includes forms for enrolling in health insurance programs and reporting income changes

Survivor Benefits — for individuals who relied on the earnings of a family member who has passed away

Supplemental Security Income — financial assistance application forms