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California Voter Registration Form – Register to Vote in CA

Updated February 17, 2022

California voter registration forms are available to California residents who wish to register by mail or in person with their County Elections Office. There is no form available for download online for Californians and if someone would like to register using a paper application, they will be required to pick one up in person from the elections office, library, DMV, or post office. Online registration is also available through the government website (link below). An individual wishing to register in the State of California must be a resident of California and eighteen (18) years of age or older. All registration forms and applications must be submitted fifteen (15) days prior to election day.

Check Your Voting Status – www.voterstatus.sos.ca.gov/

Deadline – 15 days before the election date

Find a Polling Place – www.sos.ca.gov/elections/polling-place/

Register Online – www.registertovote.ca.gov/

Where to Send Voter Registration Form – Forms can be mailed or delivered in-person to voters’ County Elections Office.

Voter ID (§ 14210-14227) – Identification is not required when voting in the State of California. First-time voters may be asked to provide ID only if they did not provide a driver’s license number, state identification number, or Social Security number on their registration form.

Voter Registration Form Instructions https://elections.cdn.sos.ca.gov/pdfs/quick-guide-vrc.pdf