Connecticut Last Will and Testament Template

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Updated March 16, 2023

A Connecticut last will and testament is a legal document that provides written instructions for proper distribution of the testator’s (person to whom the will belongs) property upon/after death. The creation of a will document ensures peace of mind for the testator that their personal, real, fiduciary, and digital property will be appropriately transferred per the testator’s wishes and not through the decisions of probate proceedings. Under Connecticut law, will documents must be signed in the presence of two (2) witnesses. A testator can also have the will acknowledged by a notary public for an extra layer of legal protection.

Table of Contents


Signing Requirements

Two (2) Witnesses. (§ 45a-251)

Testamentary Trust – If this was included in the Will then the Acceptance Form must be completed by the Trustee.

State Definition

Will” and “Trust Instrument” include, respectively, codicils to a will and amendments to a trust as the context may require.

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