Georgia Last Will and Testament Template

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Updated March 16, 2023

A Georgia last will and testament is a legal document that outlines the distribution of a testator’s (person to whom the will belongs) real estate, personal property, fiduciary funds, and even digital property after their death. Testators can designate their chosen beneficiaries on the will document and stipulate instructions regarding the amount or portion of the estate each shall receive. Wills are crucial when distributing the testator’s estate among spouses, children, friends, blood relatives, and even charitable organizations. Under Georgia law, wills require two (2) witnesses be present when the testator executes and signs the will into effect. Both witnesses will consequently sign after they acknowledge the testator’s signature. Though optional, a testator can have the will notarized as well.

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Signing Requirements

Two (2) or more credible Witnesses. (GA Section 53-4-20)

State Definition

Will” means the legal declaration of an individual’s testamentary intention regarding that individual’s property or other matters. Will includes the will and all codicils to the will.

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