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Louisiana Last Will and Testament Template

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Louisiana Last Will and Testament Template

Updated July 17, 2023

A Louisiana last will and testament is a legal document written by a testator (the person creating the will) to set forth instructions on how they wish to distribute their assets upon death. Some of the many arrangements that can be stipulated on a will include the transfer of fiduciary assets, life insurance, digital property, as well as real estate and personal property. Through making a will, a testator can assure their property/assets will be properly managed after their death and dispersed among the intended family, friends, and even organizations.

All individuals who shall receive a portion of the testator’s estate can be named on the document as beneficiaries; specific details can also be included regarding the inheritance of certain property. To satisfy legal requirements in Louisiana, a will must be signed by two (2) witnesses who have attested the testator’s signature. In addition, a will must be notarized by a state-authorized individual and registered with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Table of Contents


  • LA Civil Code 1570
  • Registration Procedures – Use this form and send with $10 (payable to the Secretary of State) to register a signed will by sending it to the following address: Secretary of State, P. O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125. (RS 9:2446)

Signing Requirements

Two (2) or more competent Witnesses AND a Notary. Each page must be signed. (Art. 1577)

State Definition

Will” is a hand-written testament, which is only valid if it is entirely written, dated, and signed by the testator.

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