Idaho Self-Proving Affidavit Form

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Updated January 09, 2023

An Idaho self-proving affidavit is a legal form that can be incorporated into, or attached to, a last will and testament to help prove the validity of the will. The affidavit assures the probate court that the testator (the individual who created the will) made the will voluntarily and was competent at the time of its execution. A self-proven will makes it unnecessary for the testator’s witnesses to visit the probate court to affirm the truthfulness of the will following the testator’s death. When executing the document, the testator must provide their signature in the presence of two (2) witnesses and a notary public.


  • Statute§ 15-2-504
  • Signing Requirements – Two (2) witnesses and a notary public.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx), or OpenDocument.

Step 2 – In the first paragraph of the Affidavit, enter the Name of the Testator followed by the Day, Month, and Year.

Step 3 – The Testator must supply their Signature on the field found just below the first paragraph.

Step 4 – In the next paragraph, enter the Name of Witness #1 and the Name of Witness #2.

Step 5 – The Witnesses must proceed by signing the document where applicable.

Step 6 – The remaining area of the Affidavit will be completed by the Notary Public. The Notary must enter the State and County where the document is being completed. In the subsequent three (3) spaces, the Notary must enter the Name of the Testator, Name of Witness #1, and the Name of Witness #2. Using the three (3) remaining entry fields, the Notary must specify the Date by entering the Day, Month, and Year.

Step 7 – With the above steps completed, the Notary may complete the form by providing their Signature, specifying their Title (use the Official Capacity of Officer field), and affixing their official Seal.