Alabama Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form | MVT 32-13B

Updated June 01, 2022

An Alabama abandoned motor vehicle bill of sale, otherwise known as Form MVT 32-13B, is a document that allows a towing service to purchase an abandoned automobile. The vehicle must be purchased in accordance with Section 32-13-4 which calls for the buyer to provide at least thirty (30) days’ notice, along with other information, to the owner. If the owner does not respond the sale may occur at the time and place stated on the notice given to the owner.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first (1st) section complete the following:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle
  • Date Abandoned
  • Date of Sale
  • Location of Sale

Step 2 – Enter the date on which the notice of sale was published according to Section 32-13-4

  • Name of newspaper/courthouse posting
  • Date of 1st newspaper/courthouse posting
  • Date of 2nd newspaper/courthouse posting

Step 3 – Check one of the following statements:

  • Attached is the original form MVT 32-13R along with the Certified mail sent to the owner of record on the following date _______, Certified mail was sent to the registrant of record on the following date _______, and the Certified mail was sent to the secured party or lienholder on the following date _______.
  • Attached is the original MVT 32-13R obtained from the Dept. of Revenue suggesting there is no record of the current owner.

Step 4 – Enter the Information on Net Proceeds of Sale of Abandoned Motor Vehicle:

  1. Sale Price
  2. Amount of Repair
  3. Towing Expenses
  4. Storage Expenses
  5. Other
  6. Total amount deducted from the sales price
  7. Net Sale Balance

Step 5 – After the form has been completed it should be signed along with the Buyer’s printed name and address on the lower area of the page. In addition, the seller should sign along with their printed name and address.