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Arizona General Bill of Sale Form

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The Arizona General Bill of Sale is available to anyone who will be selling personal property, to provide proof that the property has been properly paid for and ownership is transferred to the buyer. This document will require a description of the personal property being sold, signatures of both the buyer and the seller and notarization to ensure the validity of the sale as it will be stated on the form.

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the form and complete the required information in section one:

  • In the first line provide the name of the seller
  • In the next line, enter the worded dollar amount and then the numbered dollar amount respectively
  • Line three, enter the name of the buyer
  • In the remaining lines provided on the form, enter the description of the item(s) being sold

Step 2 – Retain the services of a notary public prior to providing signatures

Step 3 – Both parties must read the paragraphs that apply to them

  • In the buyer paragraph, if the item is being guaranteed by the seller in any way, you may strike through the “item is sold in “as is” condition” statement and initial it.

Step 4 – Signatures – In this section, both parties will provide dated signatures

  • As you stand before a notary public, enter the date that the document is being executed, in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Print the seller’s name
  • Print the buyers name
  • Provide seller’s signature
  • Provide buyer’s signature

Step 5 – Notarization – Once the signatures are entered before a notary, the remainder of the form will be completed by the notary and their state seal will be affixed to the document.

  • Make any needed copies for record keeping
  • Provide the original copy of the document to the buyer