Arizona Bill of Sale Forms

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Updated April 13, 2022

Arizona bill of sale forms are legal documents designed to record the legal sale and purchase of various items. These forms will provide information regarding the identity of the item to be sold, change of ownership as well, and provide information pertaining to the seller and the buyer. Some of these documents will require notarization such as the motor vehicle bill of sale.

Forms (4)

Boat Bill of Sale  – Used for the sale of and/or to transfer ownership of any motorized or unmotorized watercraft.

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Firearm Bill of Sale – This form would be used to provide legal proof that a firearm is being legally sold and purchased.

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General Bill of Sale – To provide proof of sale of any type of personal property ie: a tent, a bicycle, or even livestock or dogs.

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Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale (ADOT Form 48-2004) – Used to provide the proof that a vehicle has been paid for and released to the new owner by an individual or an entity.

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Table of Contents

Vehicle Registration Forms

Boat Registration Forms

In the state of Arizona, no motorized vehicle may be used legally on any body of water without registration. Non-motorized boats, ie: any boat powered by sail or paddle require no registration. It would be best to register a motorized boat as soon as you are able to gather all of the appropriate documentation. The following documents are required to be taken in-person to a Local Arizona Fish & Game Agency:

  • Complete the Registration Application.
  • Round up the license and registration fees (see fees below).
  • Provide a bill of sale
  • If it’s a new boat you will need the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin – If used, you will require a most current signed registration slip from the previous owner indicating release of the vessel
  • Identification
  • Registration Fees
  • Appear at the Arizona Game and Fish Department, with your documentation, to obtain your boat/vessel registration