California Bill of Sale Forms (3)

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Updated May 28, 2023

A California bill of sale is an official document to record the sale of personal property between a buyer and seller. Commonly used for vehicle transfers, a bill of sale is required to be signed by the seller. The buyer will be required to obtain a copy from a DMV office and use the bill of sale for accounting and registration purposes.

A purchase and sale may only be enforceable if there is a written contract (bill of sale) for items of $500 or more in value (COM § 2201).

Forms (3)

Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale (Form REG 135) – This document will prove the sale and transfer of ownership of a boat or vehicle.

Download: Adobe PDF



Firearm Bill of Sale – This form will prove sale or trade-in complete agreement between all involved parties of a gun.

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument



General Bill of Sale – This form will provide proof that a negotiated sale or trade of any item or items and that a sale or trade has been executed in complete agreement between all involved parties.

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument


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