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Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Updated May 30, 2023

An Illinois motor vehicle bill of sale establishes the purchase and sale of a motor vehicle between a private seller and buyer in the State of Illinois. A bill of sale serves as proof of a legal change of ownership, and it highlights any particular sale details as well as the vehicle’s condition at the time of purchase. It will often be required upon the new buyer’s attempt to transfer the title and register the vehicle with the Secretary of State’s Vehicle Services Division.

Required Forms

Odometer Disclosure Statement for Title Transfers (Form VSD 333.4) – Required upon transferring the title of a motor vehicle to verify the odometer mileage has not been altered.

Seller’s Report of Sale (Form VSD-703) – The seller must submit this form to the Secretary of State’s Vehicle Services Divison immediately after selling the vehicle.

Table of Contents

Registering a Vehicle

Whether acquiring a vehicle through purchase, gift, or inheritance, it must be registered with the state within twenty (20) days of the transaction. All individuals purchasing a vehicle privately– that is, not through a dealership– are responsible for completing all paperwork toward registering the vehicle under the new owner. Once registered, plates must be renewed annually; renewing a registration can be done online via the Vehicle Services page.

Where to Register

Vehicles can be registered in-person at the nearest Secretary of State (SOS) office, or all documentation can be sent by mail.

Required Documents