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Indiana Bill of Sale Forms

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The Indiana Bill of Sale Forms are legal documents that are implemented between seller and buyer as a way to provide evidence of a sale that has occurred. These forms will also prove a change of ownership. Some of the forms will require notarization. If the form has to be notarized, do not provide signature until all signing parties are before a notary public.


Vessel Bill of Sale – Used to provide proof of purchase and to prove a change of ownership of a vessel/boat.

General Bill of Sale – This form is usually used between two private parties to prove the sale of personal property.

Firearm Bill of Sale – This document is used to sell, purchase and transfer ownership between a firearms dealer and individual or private parties.

Vehicle Bill of Sale – Transfers ownership for an automobile.

Indiana Vessel Registration Forms

  • Title to the vessel
  • A bill of sale
  • Watercraft inspection document (Form 39530) –  This document must be completed by a dealer who is approved to do an inspection on a watercraft, a military policeman assigned to a military post in Indiana, or a designated employee of the BMV
  • One original side view (one that you’ve taken yourself, not from a magazine or online dealer picture), color photograph of the entire watercraft
  • Download the HIN Packet, complete it, print and submit it when you register for your Hull ID Number
  • Download and complete the Application for Special Identification Number Form (Form 12907), print and add to your needed documentation
  • Go to the BMV prepared to pay all registration and processing fees.

 Indiana Vehicle Registration Forms

  • Title information
  • Indiana driver’s license
  • Proof of auto insurance
  •  Payment of Registration Fee.

After 45 days, you must go in person to a IN BMV location and provide the following:

  • Your driver’s license
  • the original title with the seller’s signature
  • if you’ve not yet titled the vehicle in your name, you will need additional paperwork for titling such as:
  • A lease or mortgage contract to prove your residency
  • completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form 44049).
  • a bill of sale
  • Odometer disclosure statement
  • If you are making payments on the vehicle, present the contract, proving your agreement
  • If there are liens on the vehicle, you must provide lien releases
  • Proof of Indiana auto insurance