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North Carolina Boat Bill of Sale Form

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North Carolina Boat Bill of Sale Form

Updated September 13, 2023

North Carolina bill of sale is a document that serves as evidence of a legal transaction between two (2) parties in North Carolina that involves a vessel or watercraft. It outlines details about the buyer, seller, and vessel that are important for registration. This form must be submitted as a part of a registration application with the state. Boat registrations are overseen by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Signing Requirements: The bill of sale must be signed by the seller and then notarized.

Table of Contents

Registering a Boat

Owners can register their boat for either one or three years. Boat registrations can be renewed online via ALVIN, in person with a Wildlife Service Agent, by email to vessels@ncwildlife.org, or by phone at 1-800-628-3773 using the Vessel Renewal/Duplicate Registration Request Form.

Where to Register

New boat registrations can be processed by mail or in person with a Wildlife Service Agent.

Required Documents