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North Carolina Bill of Sale Forms (4)

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North Carolina Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Updated July 31, 2023

A North Carolina bill of sale is a document that includes the transfer details of personal property, commonly a motor vehicle, from a seller to a buyer. The form should include a sales price (or trade), the parties’ names, and the date of sale. The buyer will need a signed copy to register with the NCDOT (if applicable).

If a vehicle is being transferred, it is required the Certificate of Title is also signed over to the buyer as part of the sale.

Forms (4)

Vehicle Bill of Sale – Required to prove a sale for personal records and obtain registration from a DMV office.

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Boat Bill of Sale – Legally required to transfer the title and for the new owner to obtain registration and stickers for the vessel.

Download: PDF

General Bill of Sale – For any personal item that is to be bought and sold.

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Gun Bill of Sale – Acts as a receipt for the transfer.

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