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New York Boat Bill of Sale Form

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New York Boat Bill of Sale Form

Updated May 30, 2023

A New York boat bill of sale serves as proof that one party completed the legal sale of a boat to another party and is needed to register a boat in the State of New York. It includes the year and make of the boat, hull identification number, date of sale, and purchase price, among other important information about the vessel and the parties involved. It is not a stand-alone proof of ownership.

Signing Requirements: The buyer and seller both must sign, and the document must be notarized.

Table of Contents

Registering a Boat

Boat registrations in New York State last three years. Renewal is available online at the New York DMV’s website. Watercraft without motors do not need to be registered in the state of New York.

Where to Register

Register in person at a local DMV office.

Required Documents